How Do I start ?

Whether you're planning a big house, little house, back house or barn.   We build structures with a sense of power and grace.  

Our timber frames include design, joinery, transport to your location and raising. They’re priced between $20 and $50 a square foot depending on size, style, complexity, finish and distance from our shop.

You may have floor plans, clippings from magazines and websites, a pile of timbers and lots of questions or just an idea you want to have sketched out and priced.   We welcome involvement in your project at whatever stage of the process you may be in.

Our services include:  Design, joinery and raising of timber frame / post and beam and heavy timber structures that range in size from small garden sheds and cabins to large residential and commercial projects.  We design and consult on high performance wall and roof systems. 

We can also provide complete design, construction consulting and project management for all phases of your project.

We advocate strongly for Sustainable / Local / Green Design.  You have more options then you might think and in many cases greener choices can cost the same or less then alternatives with a larger impact on the planet. 

Take a look through our Facebook and Project pages.  We work on a wide range of buildings for a diverse group of clients.

What can we build for you ? Give us a call or send an email and let’s talk about your quiet spot in the woods.

We are committed to passing on our skills to the next generation. Intrigued by the possibilities of working with your hands and your brain ? Send us a note - We’re always interested in hearing from highly motivated younger folks who aspire to excellence and hard work in a a fun professional atmosphere.

Michael J. Cummings,   House in the Woods LLC

Passive House Institute Certified Builder # 2779

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